Thursday, 5 March 2015

Thank you to all who came to the Bazaar last Saturday! We had a blast selling Lumpia and Curry and were able to sell out by 12:30! It was great to be able to work with all of you during the preparation and during the Bazaar.

Even though this week was shorter than most, we were busy preparing for Student Led Conferences today.  We spent a lot of time practicing how to express our reflections and how we feel we are doing in school.  In Math we learned about Median, Mode, and Range.  We measured each other's arm spans and used the numbers to make a graph and answer questions.  In Reading we continued learning about Author's Purpose with a focus on Informing.  We talked about how authors use writing to inform us about different topics and then read some nonfiction books together.  For Bible this week we finished up our unit on Jesus' Miracles.  We learned about being thankful for what God has done for us as we studied the story of the 10 Lepers.  We also learned about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  On Thursday, we studied the Hospital for Kid's City.  We practiced filling out a Patient Form and then played charades with different illnesses.

Important Information:

1. Next Friday is Culture Fair.  Our class has the opportunity to go and "tour" different countries in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms.  We need 3 parent volunteers for that day as we go from room to room.  If you are available to come, please email me as soon as possible.

2. Because of Culture Fair next Friday, each student needs to bring a HOME LUNCH.  There will be no school lunch provided that day.

3. The week of March 16-20 will be Missions Week at OCSI.  Because of this, we will have some special activities to be a part of.  Our class will be joining Kindergarten and First Grade in a morning Kid's Club on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The rest of the day we will have normal class.  Monday and Friday will be regular days.

4. Spelling Words for next week: spend, front, thumb, sending, triangle, climb, hung, strong, along, thank, trunk, bring, donkey, think, February, himself

5. Bible Memory Verse: "I am like a gate. Anyone who enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out. And they will find plenty of food." John 10:9

Practicing for Student Led Conferences with 1.1

Thank you to everyone who came for Student Led Conferences today! I am so proud of all the hard work that the students have done this year and that they had the opportunity to share it with you!

Have a good weekend!

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