Sunday, 29 May 2016

This week we had several extra events. On Tuesday we said good-bye to Keyra who left with her family for America. On Thursday we also had the fourth graders come and read their books to us.

Reading: This week we finished our unit on comparing and contrasting stories. We read two versions of Cinderella and compared and contrasted them together. Then we read two versions of Hansel and Gretel and the students compared and contrasted on their own.

Writing In Writing we started writing comic strips with a partner. The students had to choose their characters, problem, several ways that their characters would try to solve the problem, and the solution. We started our drawings on Friday and will continue them next week.

Math: This week we focused on division. We practiced solving division number stories and saw the relationship between multiplication and division. We also took our Unit 11 Test on Friday.

Bible: In Bible we started learning about the Fruit of the Spirit. This week we learned about love, joy, peace, and patience.  We talked about what each of these means and how we should show them in our life. Throughout the week the students also looked  for those in our class who were showing the Fruit of the Spirit and recognized them by writing their name on a paper along with what they did to show the Fruit of the Spirit.

Important Information:

1. There will be no school tomorrow for Memorial Day.

2. Spelling Words: any, very, many, ceiling, pretty, every, valley, foggy, windy, cloudy, money, movie, sleepy, receive, sunny, cookie, together, measure

3. Bible Memory Verse: "But the Lord is faithful. He will strengthen you. He will guard you from the evil one." 2 Thessalonians 3:3

4. The last day of school will be Wednesday, June 8th.

Have a good weekend!

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