Friday, 3 June 2016

Wow! It is hard to believe that we have almost reached the end of the school year! Only a few days left in 2nd grade!

Here's a look at our week:

Reading: This week we practiced a Reader's Theater about the 3 Little Pigs. We practiced using expression in our voices and acting out our parts. Next week we will record the play so that we can watch it altogether.

Writing: In writing we finished our Comic Strips and then wrote a letter to the future 2nd graders. We reflected on the things we learned and did this year and then wrote to tell them all about it.

Math: This week we reviewed clocks, multiplication, and graphs. Next week we will take our End of the Year Math Test to show what we have learned this year.

Bible: In Bible we continued learning about the Fruit of the Spirit. This week we learned about Kindness, Goodness, and Faithfulness. We learned that God wants us to be nice to all people no matter who they are. In our study of goodness we learned that God wants us to do what is right even if no one else around us is doing it. Today we learned that God wants us to be faithful to Him and to others. He wants us keep trying even when we fail.

Important Information:

1. Next week is the last week of school! We will be having a class party on Wednesday to celebrate a year full of learning and growth. Parents are welcome to come at 11:00 to eat lunch with us and then stick around for some class awards and pictures.

2. On the last day of school we will be dismissed at 12:30.

Have a great weekend!

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