Saturday, 3 October 2015

Here's a snapshot of what has been happening in 2.1:

Reading: In reading we learned how to retell a story.  We learned that when we retell a story we need to include the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.  We also learned how to do Listen to Reading on RazKids.  Friday was our first day of adding Listen to Reading to our Daily 5 time!

Writing: In writing we started a new story this week.  We began the week by planning our character, setting, beginning, middle, and end.  Then later in the week we began to write our stories.  Next week we will finish and publish our stories.

Math: For Math we finished up Unit 2.  This week's focus was subtraction strategies and practice.  On Friday we played a review Jeopardy game to get ready for our test on Monday.

Bible: This week in Bible we learned about how God used Elijah and Elisha to teach the people of Israel about who God.  We saw the bravery of Elijah and how he trusted God even when no one else around him did.  We also learned about the exile of Israel and Judah because of their sin.

Important Information:

1. Spelling Words: grade, played, train, eight, faith, today, neighbor, gave, railway, praise, wave, weigh, enough, children

2. Memory Verse: "She is going to have a son. You must give him the name Jesus. That is because he will save his people from their sins."  Matthew 1:21

3. This Tuesday morning we will have our all school Walkathon assembly.  Students are encouraged to wear their Walkathon t-shirts on that day.

4. There will be NO SCHOOL next Monday, October 12th.

5. Parent/Teacher Conferences will be Friday, October 23rd.  More information will be sent home soon.

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