Saturday, 27 August 2016

Thank you to all who attended Open House on Friday! It was great to meet all of you and share with you about our class this year!

Here's a peek at our week last week:

Reading: In Reading we worked on building our reading stamina by practicing Read to Self. We were able to read for 16 minutes without stopping! We also started learning about how to check for comprehension while reading.

Writing: This week in Writing we learned how to use our memories for ideas of what to write about. We spend time thinking of different ideas and then we learned how to pre-write and write a first draft of a story.

Math: In Math we practiced our addition and subtraction facts. We also learned how to solve story problems.

Bible: This week we learned about God creating the world in 7 days. We also learned about how Adam and Eve broke God's rule. We finished the week by learning about the promises that God has made to us.

Important Information:

1. Spelling Words: this, must, will, puppy, little, under, print, block, lost, contest, spell, ever

2. Memory Verse: "He doesn't change his mind. He speaks, and then he acts. He makes a promise, and then he keeps it." Numbers 23:19

3. There will be No School on Monday, September 5th

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