Friday, 11 September 2015

Here's a snapshot of what happened in 2.1 this week:

Reading: We continued to build our stamina during Read to Self time.  On Thursday and Friday we were able to reach our goal of reading for 20 minutes!! In our Read Aloud times we focused on Accuracy and being able to read the words.  We learned how to stretch out a word to help us sound it out.  We also learned how to chunk letters together to sound out words.

Writing: This week we began writing a fiction story.  First we planned our character and setting.  Then we planned our problem and solution.  Today we practiced writing a story as a class and then began our individual stories.  We will continue these next week.

Math: We finished Unit 1 by playing some review games to prepare for our test on Thursday.  We were able to take our test and all the students did a good job! Then today we started Unit 2 on addition by writing addition number stories together.

Bible: This week in Bible we learned about how God helps His people.  We do not need to be afraid because He is always with us and will help us.  Our first story was about Jacob and Esau and how even though they didn't get along, they were able to forgive one another.  We also learned about Joseph.  We saw that even though he didn't understand why bad things were happening to him, he believed and trusted God and God helped him.  We finished the week by learning how God saved His people Israel from Egypt through the 10 plagues.

Social Studies: In Social Studies we finished our maps.  Here are the finished products:

Important Information:

1. Spelling Words: smoke, quick, backpack, hike, clock, lake, strike, backstroke, check, ticket, friend, baseball

2. Bible Memory Verse: "What pleases the Lord more? Burnt offerings and sacrifices, or obeying him? It is better to obey than to offer a sacrifice." 1 Samuel 15:22

3. There will be NO SCHOOL next Friday, September 18th.

4. The last day for Scholastic Book Orders will be Friday, September 25th.

5. Our Field Trip to Toguchi Beach will be next Thursday, September 17th.

Home lunchお弁当              Sunscreen 日焼け止め              Hat帽子                Bag/ Backpack鞄      Waterbottle すいとう          Towelタオル
Water-shoes (If you want to wade in the water, you MUST have water shoes)水に入りたければウォーターシューズが必要です。

10:15am - Depart OCSI 学校から出発
10:30am - Arrive at Toguchi and eat lunch. 渡具知に到着とランチ 
11:15am- 1st graders at the beach, 2nd graders on the playground1年生ビーチ、2年生公園*
12:15pm - Switch: 1st graders at the playground, 2nd graders at the beach 交代1年生公園、2年生ビーチ*
1:15pm - Get ready to board the bus back to school バスに乗る準備
1:40pm - Depart Toguchi 渡具知から出発
2:00pm - Arrive back at OCSI  学校到着

Parents: You are welcome to meet us at Toguchi or follow the buses from OCSI. Sorry but parents cannot ride the bus. You are also welcome to take your child home with you after the field trip. PLEASE LET YOUR TEACHER KNOW IF YOU DO.

*If the student does not have water shoes, they cannot go into the water; they must play on the beach. If they do have water shoes, they may go into the water up to their knees - no swimming. Student may wear bathing suit but still must be in dress code. 

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