Thursday, 4 June 2015

Wow! We have reached the last week of the school year!  This week we finished up our different units and took our last Spelling and Bible tests.  In Writing this week we wrote persuasive paragraphs about superhero powers.  Each student had to pick the best superhero power and try to persuade me with their writing that it is the best one.  In Bible we learned about Paul and Peter.  We learned about how Paul became a Christian and one of the greatest missionaries and preachers of all time.  We also learned about how the story of Jesus and salvation is for everyone in the world, not just for the Jewish people.  We also learned how the Holy Spirit helped Peter get out of prison when he was put there because he was preaching about Jesus.  For Math this week we focused on multiplication.  We learned some tricks to help make multiplying easier and practice some fact triangles too.  On Thursday and Friday we took our End of the Year Test which tested on everything we have learned this year.

We also had some fun activities this week!  On Wednesday we went to one of the 8th grade classes where the read us some stories that they wrote.  The 8th graders did a very good job and we enjoyed listening to their stories.  Later on Wednesday we also combined with 1st-5th grade in the Cafeteria to hear the 5th grade speeches about their time in Elementary School.  On Thursday Mrs. Bezner came in to read to our class for the last time this year.

Today we were able to read our Fractured Fairy Tales to each other.  The students had a fun time sharing their stories and hearing what their classmates have written.  The Fractured Fairy Tales went home today in the Friday Folders, so please take a few minutes to look at the wonderful story your student wrote!

Important Information:

1. There will be no Spelling list or Bible Memory Verse next week.

2. The last day of the school year will be next Thursday, June 11th.  School will end at 2:00pm.

3. We will be having a class party on the last day of school from 12:00-2:00 with food, games, and some class awards.  If you are able to bring something for lunch, please sign up at  Also we would love to have you come eat, play, and celebrate with us as we finish 2nd grade!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! :)

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