Friday, 24 April 2015

Field Day!

This week was busy with Field Day and Terra Nova preparations!  We took a few practice tests and talked about what to expect on the test days.  The students are excited and a little nervous to start testing next week!

In Writing this week we learned about suffixes.  We studied four different suffixes and how they are used in writing and speaking.  We also each picked a color and wrote Color Poems.  Each student made a list of things that made them think of the color they picked and then added adjectives to each line.  For Math we learned about perimeter, area, and capacity.  We made some Area Robots and also used an experiment to learn about capacity.

In Bible we continued our study of Parables.  We learned about the Parable of the Workers in the Field and the Parable of the Tenants.  We also learned the importance of not complaining or arguing, but instead doing things with a good attitude.

Today we had a wonderful Field Day outside.  The students were able to participate in 10 different athletic events.  They did a great job today and I was so proud to hear them encouraging their classmates in each event! We then enjoyed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon at the park. Here are some pictures from today's activities:

Important Information for next week:

1. Terra Nova Testing will take place next week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The Terra Nova is a standardised test that will provide data on how your student is progressing in comparison to other students in American and International school worldwide. In preparation for these tests please be sure your student:
     - gets 8-10 hours of sleep each night
     - eats a nutritional breakfast before school each morning
     - refrains from extra activities in the evening during testing days
     - brings a light, healthy snack each day such as, one banana, a small baggie of popcorn, dried fruit,
     - is on time for school each day

2. Kid City will take place next Wednesday, April 29th from 11:30-3:00pm.  We are in need of some parents to come and help us run the different stations.  If you are able to come, please return the reply slip that was sent home yesterday to me next week.  Each student needs to bring a small bag/wallet/purse on Wednesday to hold their money and other belongings at Kid City.

3. We are also in need of donations for our Kid City Restaurant.  If you would like to donate, please send them in with your student.

4. There will be no new Spelling words or Bible Memory Verse next week due to Terra Nova.

5. There will be NO SCHOOL on TUESDAY, MAY 5.

6. Parent Observation Day will be Wednesday, May 6th from 2:00-3:00pm.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! :)

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