Thursday, 10 December 2015

We have finished our last full week of school before Christmas Break! Next week we will have 3 full days of school and finish with a half day on Thursday!

Here's a peek of what happened this week:

Reading: In Reading we learned about making Text-to-Text connections while reading.  We practiced doing this while we read some fun Christmas stories!

Writing: For Writing we finished our last procedural writing piece.  We did our revising and editing and then had our friends read our writing to help us fix our mistakes.  Then on Thursday and Friday we wrote our final copy with illustrations in our own little books.

Bible: In Bible we reviewed the Christmas Story about how Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem for the birth of baby Jesus, how the shepherds came to see Jesus, and how the wise men came to bring gifts and worship the new King.  We also made our very own nativities with all the different characters.  Through our Bible verse we learned that Jesus became a human being just like us and came to make His home with us. He is the one that shows us the glory of God.

Math: This week in Math we finished learning about shapes.  We learned about 3D shapes like cubes, rectangular prisms, cones, cylinders, and spheres and put them in our Shape Books.  We also learned about symmetry and made symmetry monsters!

This week half of our class had the opportunity to help Mrs. Godoy with chapel! They did an awesome job! Here's a video of their performance:

Important Information:
1. Because next week is a short week we will not have new spelling words or a new Bible memory verse.

2. The last day of school will be THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17th.  There will be an early dismissal on that day at 12:30pm.

3. On Thursday we will also be having our class party! Parents are welcome to join us at 11:00 and we will eat at 11:30.

4. The last day for Christmas Program DVD Orders will be next Thursday.

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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